Simple CRM


You can store both people & companies. Track their history with Timeline made of Events.

One place to keep all you data including:

check_circle_outline Events, Meetings, Calls, Follow-ups
check_circle_outline Purchased Products
check_circle_outline Documents
check_circle_outline Notes


Create portfolio of products and services you offer. Stock it up to Simple or Advanced Invetory and start selling in no time.

Simple or Advanced management featuring:

check_circle_outline Inventory
check_circle_outline Multiple currencies & warehouses
check_circle_outline Categories
check_circle_outline Pricing lists


Upload any files to our file storage and access it anywhere, any time and on any device. Files are split into Shared and Personal.

Cloud Storage for you documents.

check_circle_outline Shared & Personal storage
check_circle_outline Public links
check_circle_outline In-Browser file preview
check_circle_outline Drag & Drop upload


See your schedule in your personal calendar or work on a project with shared team caledar.

Connect your data with your work schedule.

check_circle_outline Personal & Team calendars
check_circle_outline Teammates sharing
check_circle_outline Contact Events supported
check_circle_outline Month/Week/Day Views