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First version is live!

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Let's begin!

We are pleased to announce our first release of FunFirst CRM. We have been busy working at our office in Prague for last few months and finalized the first version in Amsterdam at Laracon EU conference.

Before jumping into what features the first version offers, let me introduce you to our complete idea and our goal.

We started this project to enable any entrepreneur, start-up, corporation to be able to create their own online business within moments. Without the need to have the knowledge of many offline/online softwares and the communication between them. For example, making a successful online store requires you to connect classic CRMs as a source of Data, online store as a front page for customers to make orders, payment providers for making online payments (to accept Credit Cards and so), email marketing tools to be able communicate with your audience and many more little, but very important details that makes the difference between you and a huge success.

So our goal is..

.. to provide an online service, that provides all of the above within itself, database, online marketing and online sales, so you can focus on your brand, products, and mainly customers.

With this beeing said, we are preparing 3 core modules for each of the required features.

Database is the first one. For all other features to work we need to have a data source that connects all information we have and provides a great number of possibilities.

Online Marketing is the second one. With storing the information about our customers, leads, contacts we open the door to online communication. Mostly by email, phone (calls & sms) and direct mails.

Online sales extends those two mentioned modules above and finishes the lifetime circle of online business by providing a way to sell products or services online.

What features does the first vesion have?

Within first release you can find the following:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Contacts Lists (Preparation for online marketing)
  • Products
  • Invoices (Simplified and available only with subscription)

Also one plugin:
  • EET (Used for invoicing in Czechia)

What exactly you can do with those features you can try for free with up to 100 records

Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image

With this beeing said. The database core is ready. Next up is the online sales module followed by online marketing.

We will be sharing more information through the development process, so you are up to date with what's comming next.


PS: Keep in mind we are still in BETA. If you find anything you dont like, or does not work, let us know at Thanks!

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