Pricing without any tricks

First 30 days completely for free, then pay based on the total number of users.

Simple CRM

Monthly subscription

Our pricing is very simple, you pay based on the number of total active users per month. No commitments and you can cancel any time.

Included in price

  • All CRM features

  • Up to 100 000 contacts

  • 10 GB file storage / user

  • Support via e-mail / chat

Per user / monthly

$19 tax excl.


Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, right after you cancel the subscription, you will have access for the remaining paid period.

What is the limit of number of contacts?

Total limit is 100 000 contacts/companies together. In case you would need more contact us at

What does it mean accessible anywhere?

Our CRM is based on cloud technologies, so you can basically access it anywhere with internet connectivity.

Do you offer any discounts for startups or non-profit organization?

We offer a startup and non-profit organization discount. To be eligible for a discount you need to be a new customer and up to one year old.

What payment methods do you support?

Everything you pay, is paid using payment cards, online. If you need any other payment method, let us know at

What if we need more storage than 10 GB per user?

Any additional storage is priced 10 GB / $2 / monthly

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